One can be very confused with the modern ideas present today. In fact, a lot of individuals are so involved in their own lives that they do not even bother to think where these modern popular beliefs came from. Modern constructs, such as religion, politics, warfare and even the internet all originated somewhere, and it is important that people know at least a little about the history of something before completely use it as a part of their everyday life. Take the case of Witchcraft and Wicca: while most people would probably combine these two in the same area of interest such as witchcraft and spells with the occasional magical tool such as the voodoo doll, one might be surprised that Wicca is actually a religion and witchcraft actually originated from the Wiccan movement.

What is Wicca?
Wicca is actually a modern pagan religion, and is concentrated on a more peaceful, harmonious and balanced way of life. It is actually a belief system that is of pre-Christian that is mostly how our ancestors lived and worshipped. It is known to be one of the oldest belief systems known in the world today, and is generally frowned upon by the modern Christian church because of the strong influence of magic and occultism that was generally present in the practices. Like most of the belief systems that are generally frowned upon by the Christians, Wiccan practices carry a deeper meaning than that, which is more concentrated on the worship of the believed gods and goddesses as well as concentration on nature. Wicca is originally known as “The craft of the Wise”, and the general practices of which involves finding the balance of man and nature and the understanding that man and the different elements that man has made are only elements of nature.

History of Wicca
Before the time of witchcraft and spells, modern tools such as candles and voodoo doll as well as the general belief that witchcraft is evil, Wicca is generally known to be a belief system originating from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. It was popularized during the 1950s and the 1960s by Gerald Gardener. At the time, Wicca was originally referred to as a “witch cult” and “witchcraft”, which basically explains modern misconception of the term Wicca. The system of belief is of strong pre-Christian origins, and follows a supreme belief in nature and spirituality and the harmonious relationship of man with the elements of nature.

Is Wicca safe?
Wicca, as with all of the various belief and spirituality systems, is perfectly safe. If you get past all of the witchcraft and spells that are closely affiliated with the religion, you can find that they concentrate on a harmonious relationship between themselves and nature. It is against nature to cause harm to anything or anyone, and it therefore not the intent of Wiccans to cause harm to anyone. Various depictions of witchcraft and Wicca makes the public believe that they are a cult of satanic worshippers who does nothing but cast curses and hexes to other individuals using magic spells, cause harm to individuals using various magical tools such as a voodoo doll, or engage in various animal and human sacrifices. This is extremely far from the truth, because Wicca does not engage in any of that. They acknowledge the divine, but they do not advertise themselves as religious leaders to be followed by people in search of spirituality, nor do they claim to worship Satan or demons. Satan and demons are exclusively created by the Christians and are wrongly associated with Wicca and Witchcraft.

What do Wiccans believe?
As with various other religious belief systems, Wicca has a system of belief that they follow:
• In terms of Theology. Wicca is basically a duotheistic religion and they believe in a God and Goddesses seen as opposite and polar divinities which are basically the embodiments of life-force in nature.
• In terms of the Afterlife. Generally, they do not belief in the Afterlife and they force emphasis on the current life. But some Wicca practitioners do believe in reincarnation
• In terms of Magic. Magic to a Wiccan is basically a force of nature, and while many Wiccans does not know how witchcraft and spells work, they do believe it is nature working at its best.
• In terms of Morality. They follow a strict code of “harm none”, which basically states that Wicca does not allow the harming of all living things.
• In terms of the Five elements. They believe in the four elements: Air, Water, Earth and Fire, with a fifth element to balance and unite the four which is known as Aether or Spirit

Wicca and Witchcraft
As previously stated, there is a general misconception regarding Wicca and Witchcraft. Most modern concepts are much more used to the idea that Witchcraft is focused on learning how to be a witch with the more advanced users learning spells for love and other magic spells that are satanic and evil in nature. Thanks to popular television and movie shows, Wicca has become synonymous to Witchcraft, most of the time exchanging the two ideas. Fact is, Witchcraft is but a mere part of the Wiccan religion, and it is a religious belief that focuses on the understanding of an individual regarding earth and nature which affirms and recognizes the divinity in all living things. It basically teaches individuals that while external forces matter, it does not constitute to our own being and therefore is not to be blamed for anything that is happening to us individually. It teaches responsibility for our actions, therefore ensuring a harmonious balance between the earth and nature.

Wicca and Witchcraft recognize the power or nature and at the same time the tools that nature provides us. All of the plants, animals and different tolls that can be derived from them such as tonics, potions and other concoctions can be used to remedy known illnesses and sickness that are known to man. Wicca and witchcraft recognizes the power of nature and their spiritual beliefs allow them to harmoniously work with nature for a harmonious living balance.

The most important thing about Wicca and Witchcraft is their belief in the divinity in all things, as previously stated. The belief system concentrates on the working harmony among all living things with all the powerful elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water with spirituality holding them all together. Wicca is not a cult and does not teach an individual how to be a witch or various techniques such as magic spells or Wiccan spells to cast hexes on other people with the intention of harming them. They draw their power from within to create a harmonious balance between themselves and nature.


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