The Magic Power of Witchcraft

February 27, 2016 - Comment

dj slightly worn around edges.

dj slightly worn around edges.


Lee says:

This Really Works!! This is the first and only book I ever bought on the subject of witchcraft. I purchased it in the 1980’s as a young teen. As I do not have other references to compare it to, I will tell you that the materials in “The magic power of witchcraft” produce results. Some of the activities seemed too simple to work, but all of them did. I am only leaving this review to let others know that the stuff in here works. I came across this title on Amazon and read a few very bad reviews. I can…

Robin M Goffinet says:

Not “Wiccan” at all It uses the term “witchcraft” in the title because this is not a wiccan fluffy bunny BS book. This gets down to the nitty gritty and actually tell you how to DO stuff. Each section has it’s own affirmation for that particular talent.Sections include astral projection, spirit guides, how to win someone over, and how to make your money grow.The Frost’s are straight up and forward about everything. There are no disclaimers and no ethics crap. This stuff works!! Use at your…

Jason B. Melton says:

Recommended by Witches? Just kidding! 0

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