Discover Guided Messages From The Archangels For Daily Living


An archangel is an angel that watches over the earth and more
importantly, the humans that inhibit the Earth. They are here for us.
Except, they are unlike any other angel we have seen. They aren’t your
typical “spirit guide” which could easily take the form of a person and
channel messages to you. Instead, these angels never take the human
form but there are many signs which give off their presence. Get all
the info you need here.



Chapter 1:

The Basics

An archangel is sent from God, to help someone in need. This could
be during a time they are in danger or need emotional comfort and
healing. God knows the future of each person and even see’s the
events that are about to unfold. He will send out an archangel to help
that person. Now, if you are someone who meditates on a weekly or
daily basis, you may be closer to the archangels. Detecting them
becomes easier as you rely on your inner meditation.
With most archangels, they send strong signs that most people can’t
ignore. They hold a powerful presence and at the same time, they can
be anywhere around you.
Archangels can travel anywhere in the world and the best part of all is
that they are not bound to the same person. Yes – it’s possible they
can even be in two places at once. They are able to help a few different
people at the same time.
Once an archangel falls upon you, you will feel their vibration almost
immediately. An archangel isn’t your typical guardian angel. The
difference with a guardian angel is that they follow you everywhere. A
guardian angel could actually be a past relative or someone who is
close to you.
There are many archangels and some of the most popular are
Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. In the past, God had summoned 7
archangels to help the people. Of course, Michael was one of these
angels. Gabriel was a messenger angel from the Hebrew name. She is
considered one of the top ranking angels in Judeo-Christian or
Islamic religion. Remember that every archangel is different and they
are skilled in their own ways.
For example, Gabriel is known to assist those who have their “third
eye” blocked and are unable to communicate spiritually. She may
come to you when you have trouble communicating or reaching out in
the spiritual world.
Another angel is Uriel, who is the most intelligent angel roaming the
world and heaven. Uriel is known for sending out prophetic warning
signs and giving some people a glimpse into the future.
Noah was warned by Uriel before the flood hit and this is what led
Noah to build an arc. As you can see, every angel is different. You may
think we only have 7 archangels in this world but there are many
more which manifest in our lives.
They are the protectors and messengers of all people within the
world. Anyone can summon an archangel if they concentrate on their
intuitive side and pay attention to spiritual dimensions.



Chapter 2:
Why Summon An Archangel?


Some people are curious on why an archangel should be summoned.
They can be summoned at any time, even if it is not an emergency. If
you are in a situation where you meet someone new and don’t trust
their intentions, you may summon an archangel.
They will give you a look into the future. Their messages can be subtle
or strong, depending on how intuitive you are. They tend to give off
strong messages for those that aren’t exactly connected with the
spiritual world. These are the people who need guidance the most and
most likely, they do not meditate. That doesn’t mean an archangel
cannot reach them.


Why Call


Have you ever had a close encounter with death? If so, an archangel
could have been watching over you. There was a huge accident in your
neighborhood where a car was flipped over and sadly, the person
inside was instantly killed.
Before you arrived at the accident, you realized how close you were to
being there since you always take the same route. However, the phone
rang before you left and someone or something told you to pick it up.
You trusted your instincts. There was no one on the phone though, it
was just static. In this case, you did not summon the archangel but
they had come to your rescue by stalling you.
If you want to summon an archangel, you need to understand the
situation you are going through. You may have been suffering from
depression for a few months and nothing has helped. You’ve gone to
counseling and even talked to your dear friends who seem to always
cheer you up. Sometimes, we just need a higher power in life to help
A spirit knows and feels all. The archangel can actually feel the pain
or emotional panic you are going through and this is what prompts
them to come save you. Archangels are extremely empathetic and are
the highest form of love a human could be around. You’ll easily feel
their energy and strength to guide you through the torn path in your


We recommend summoning one of the seven angels for guidance. If
you believe there is another angel for you, go ahead and call on the
Close your eyes, taking a few deep breaths. Your body must be 100%
relaxed. You’ll need to clear your mind and call out to the angel. It is a
good idea to meditate before you do this so you are in a calm frame of
If you are close to archangels, you may not even need to call them but
this takes someone who is extremely focused in the spiritual world.
Otherwise, saying a small prayer with their name is enough to
summon an angel. They will hear you – no matter where you are in the
Once you feel light-hearted and suddenly experience an uplifting
presence – you know your angel is here. You may not see the
archangel but there are many signs that you can pick up. Some will
flicker the lights for you, while others will pull the sun out from
behind the rain. An archangel is able to do anything to show you that
they are here for you so always remember that.


Chapter 3:
Benefits Of Working With Archangels


Our eyes deceive us of what is not there when in reality, archangels
are everywhere around us. There are many benefits of raising your
spiritual awareness and working with archangels. One of those
benefits allows you to see into the future or predict the outcome of
certain events. Except, you cannot do this by yourself. An archangel
must be there to guide you. If you have never heard of “Angel
therapy”, this is known as the New age healing method.
A practitioner realizes the other person is a “receiver” on that end of
the therapy. They will receive guidance from the angel in order to heal
his/her life. In order to practice angel therapy, you must hold
enhanced abilities such as concentrated meditation and a deep
spiritual connection. This is easier said than done. Once you achieve
your goals and are able to contact archangels frequently, you will then
be ready to help other people. Think of it this way. How can you help
someone if you have not helped yourself first? To reach this point,
you must be motivated and have clarity. Optimism will also assist you
in becoming closer to the archangels. Here are some benefits of
working with archangels.




Developing a third eye – Just as we mentioned earlier, you will
develop a “third eye”. This means that one of the archangels will allow
you to foresee the future and look at events that will soon come.
You can look a few years ahead of you or even within a few minutes
ahead of you. Usually when an archangel shows the future a few
minutes ahead – it is a warning sign. You need to act fast before a
certain event takes place and prepare yourself.
Being able to communicate – You won’t necessarily have to pray or
meditate everyday if you are already close with the archangels. If
you’ve worked your way up to this point though, it is a good idea to
keep going.
Now you will be able to summon an archangel almost immediately.
This means that during times of stress, sorrow, anger, or frustration
will yield an archangel. They will quickly pick up on your emotions
and be there for you when you need them.
If you call upon an archangel when a friend is in need, you can even
direct the archangel to comfort your friend. After all – they are not
bound to just one person and this is what makes the archangels so


Dealing with emotions – Someone who is extremely sensitive is more
likely to grow close to the archangels. For example, they may be
aware of their own emotions to an extreme extent. If so, these same
people can feel emotions that come from other people.
Someone who can experience the emotions of other people are going
through “telepathic empathy”. If you have been this way all of your
life, there is no doubt that you can develop a close connection with an
archangel. This is often seen as a gift.



Chapter 4:
Finding Guidance From Archangels



One of the most asked questions is “How can I find guidance from
archangels”? If you are asking this, don’t be discouraged. The idea of
an archangel might seem far-fetched to non-believers but if you truly
need help, they will come to you.
Although you may not see them, they are everywhere around you. It
doesn’t matter what time of the day or night it is. Archangels can
arrive at any time but they are almost always there, seeing all that
happens. If you are having trouble in business practices, they may
even bless you in this situation


Getting Help


To find guidance from archangels, you must summon them first.
Once you ask for help, they will come to do. Why not do this by
praying and focusing on your inner spirituality?
You won’t see an archangel but once they come, you’ll definitely
know they are in front of you. Even a faint sign is something to pay
attention to like a cool breeze that brushes past you as you step
Most of the signs archangels give off are extremely positive but
there are some negative signs. The negative signs are a warning of
what is to come so be sure you pay attention. You could save your
life or someone else’s in a situation like this.
An archangel will come to those who truly believe in them and
before you call upon them – you must believe in yourself.
Archangels will offer help to anyone, no matter what type of life
they live or how they act.
If you are a person who drinks too much and you are headed down
a dark path – an angel can stop you in your tracks. They will give
you a vision of doom that may stop you. It is important that you
take the sign seriously.

When you look for guidance from an archangel, you need to leave
everything up to them. Believe in what they can do for you and
don’t try to push goals toward you. God lets everything happen
naturally. If God knows you have wanted a child for the longest
time, he might send an archangel down to help you.
You might have thought that you were infertile, but your
pregnancy test showed up positive. Sadly, a twist of fate happens
with the child and you lose him/her in a miscarriage. They say
everything happens for a reason and God may have taken the child
because they know are you struggling financially. He realizes you
could not possibly give everything the baby needs in life to survive.
Once this happens, an archangel is sent upon you to let you know
that you will be ready again in a few years. The archangel warmly
notifies you of what could happen and that you will have the “love
of your life” very soon.
Their main purpose is to stop depression and suffering among a
grieving mother. This may be one of the most difficult things you
had gone through in your personal life, but the archangel is telling
you that all will be well soon.



Chapter 5:
Channeling Messages From Archangels



An archangel holds the power of sending out different messages.
Some will leave a sign of reassurance while others can intervene in a
certain situation. It may take you some time to learn how to channel
messages from archangels. They often will show signs that make us
aware of their presence, guide us through difficult events, or make us
a stronger person. If you are someone who goes through life and
notices unusual signs, it could be an archangel. You may just take it as
a coincidence but you need to open your eyes.


The Messages


A message could be something as simple as seeing the face of a
beloved one who has recently passed away or a bloom of flowers in
the strangest place. For example, you have an aunt that is in the
hospital from a shark attack and is in critical condition. As you rush
to the hospital and get out of your car, you notice there are absolutely
no trees or any landscaping. You see a small crack in the cement
where a huge bush of poppy flowers.
Oddly enough, your aunt absolutely loves poppy flowers. These are
her favorite kind. In this situation – the archangel is telling you to
calm down and that everything will be okay. Now, you may see
messages in real life and some even in your mind. Getting a visual in
your mind is rare but it does happen and this is the fine work of your
dear archangel. Here are a few signs that represent archangels:
White feathers – One of the most recognized signs are the white
feathers of a certain animal or item. You might even see a single
feather fall from the sky and land on your shoulder. You might just
think it is from a bird flying overhead but it’s a long stretch. The
archangel is dropping the feather to you as a sign. Remember that
they watch from above.
Pennies -Do you always seem to find pennies in the most unlikely
places? You find it odd that you never bring home pennies because
you are always using your debit card. The other day you had found a
penny outside of your house, on top of your car. Before that, there
was a single penny in the middle of your living room table. You live
alone and you certainly don’t remember putting it there.
Butterflies – One of the strongest signs is a butterfly circling around
you. If you are in the middle of the city and not out in nature, you
wouldn’t expect a butterfly to fly around you. But oddly enough, one
does. It is a white butterfly that has been sent from the archangel.
Doves – White doves are great signs sent from archangels. They
signify purity, love, and innocence. You might see one fly close by or
even have a strong visual of a dove in your head. Dreams that have
doves are a likely sign from an archangel.
Smells – Have you lost someone recently? Maybe it was your uncle.
You remember how you were a young child and your uncle would
always tuck you in bed after bringing you your favorite snack. The
memories are faint but you always remember the scent of “Cool
Water”, a famous brand name perfume that he liked wearing. At the
same time you were thinking of him, you smelled this cologne today.




Chapter 6:
A Few Notable Archangels


God created a heaven that is very organized and each angel has a
specific job. There is a heaven like-like world where archangels can
retreat to. This is also referred to as an “etheric realm”. According to
the Bible, there are seven archangels who help people throughout the
world. Here are some of the most notable archangels from the Bible.


The Names


Archangel Michael

He is the leader of all the angels and even the archangels. God
protects him with a blue ray. Michael is responsible for offering
protection towards the people of Earth. He can provide protection in
an accident, severe crimes, or even spiritual protection from demons.
If you are fearful for your future, call upon Michael and he will
protect you with all his might.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel rides on a yellow ray and is one of the wisest archangels out
there. He is a very intelligent angel and if you are looking for guidance
in education or business, he is there to help. If you need to study for
an upcoming even, Jophiel will shed his intelligence upon you,
allowing you to remember facts and certain dates.

Archangel Chamel

They say that Chamuel is the archangel of “love”. He is able to guide
you in relationships with family, friends, or even someone who
recently passed away. Another one of his abilities is being able to find
items. He is known for finding certain items and even finding
relationship solutions.

Archangel Gabriel

Almost everyone knows the archangel named Gabriel. In the Bible, it
is said that Gabriel had made a connection with Mary, informing her
of a baby she would give birth to. This baby was known as “Jesus”. He
lives on a white ray of “purity”. If your life is full of chaos and has no
direction, summoning Gabriel will help you achieve success. He is
there to provide discipline and order in someone’s life.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael is responsible for healing of the body, mind, and soul. When
you are in need of emotional healing, he will be there to comfort you.
In case your physical or material needs are not being met, Raphael
will find a way to give you clothes and shelter. If you are going
through a tough time and are on about to be evicted from your home,
he will take care of you.

Archangel Uriel

If you are looking for peace and resolution in your life, calling on
Uriel is what you should do. He has a ray of purple and gold. Some
say the ray is adorned with a special ruby. If you are fighting with
someone or having any kind of dispute, call upon Uriel. He will come
between you and the other person, providing a peaceful and stable

Archangel Zadkiel

Have you ever had trouble forgiving someone in your life? Maybe you
have a family member who’s caused you much pain and you are
unable to forgive. If so, summon Zadkiel. He is the archangel of
forgiveness. They say that someone who cannot forgive is unhappy
and he will allow you to be happy again.



Chapter 7:
Journaling Your Messages


Have you ever had a surreal dream where you remembered each and
every detail? Your memory holds fresh the smells, scenes, and even
the string of events that happened throughout your dream. Some
people forget dreams within five minutes of waking up. Others might
wake up, not even realizing they had a dream. Their partner may
exclaim that they were talking in their sleep or even sleep walking. If
you practice lucid dreaming, you will be more in tune with your
dreams and even remember the details.




Journaling your messages is very important. Most people do not take
the time to do this since they feel incredibly “groggy” in the morning.
However, if you want to become close with the archangels – we
strongly recommend doing this. They might be sending you dreams
that could lead up to a current event. At other times, you may see
messages throughout the day.
Before your sister had passed away, you remember feeling a strong
urge to call her. You placed your hand on the phone and strangely
enough, your fingertips began to tingle. It was a strange feeling, as if
someone sending you a message.
You were frightened and drew your hand away. After this, you
decided to call her later and do something else. This was your biggest
regret. Two hours later, your uncle had called. His words seemed
uncertain and cold. He didn’t seem to be himself at the time, choking
to tell you the news.
Your sister had passed away at the same exact time you planned on
calling her. The tingling feeling beneath your fingers was an archangel
warning you of calling. Some signs in life are crucial in social aspects
and in this sad case, you were too late.
This is why it is a good idea to write down strange things that happen.
If you are not sure if it is a message or not, just record it. Jot it down
in a special “Spiritual Message” journal and be sure to date and time
each message you notice. This will make a great impact and once you
go through it the week after, you will be amazed at what you find.
Remember that when you record everything, to include as many
details as possible. What were you feeling? What did you see? These
are just a few questions that need to be answered within your spiritual

I remember a dream I had when I was about 12 years old. The scene
was so clear and looking back at the dream, I recall walking into a
hospital. There was a brick-red tile floor with two plants beside each
side of the elevator.
The dream was in slow motion but even though it was a short dream,
little did I know it would mark a major turning point in my life. See, I
was diagnosed with scoliosis two years after I had dreamed this. The
doctors found out it was so severe that I had to go into surgery. I was
fourteen at the time and when I arrived at the hospital, everything in
my view seemed to “freeze”. It alarmed me that I remembered the
dream from two years ago, seeing the plants and that brick-red floor.
I knew something was wrong. That day I had gone into surgery, facing
a near death experience that I’ll never forget. This is exactly why it’s
extremely important to write down dreams or messages, no matter
how vague they seem.



Chapter 8:
Helping Others Using Angels


Helping others use archangels is not an easy task, considering most of
them do not realize the true potential of an archangel. Our minds
cannot recognize how powerful they really are, let alone acknowledge
their existence. After all, we were trained only to believe in what we
can see.
Since we do not see archangels in physical form, it is difficult to
believe they exist. However, those who strongly believe in a higher
power are destined to meet an archangel. This could be through a
certain medium or sign.
You could educate your loved ones about archangels but sadly
enough, some may not understand. If someone you know is truly in
need of an archangel and they don’t have the spiritual connection to
summon an angel, you can do it for them.




An archangel will come to anyone. It doesn’t matter if they believe
or not. We’ve heard the stories of non-believers who have suddenly
seen an archangel in their strongest form – the physical form. Even
some people who are at their highest spiritual connection have not
seen archangels, however – they’ve have found countless messages
to recognize their existence.
An archangel knows when someone is in desperate need of help.
They are forgiving, loving, and strong spirits that will help anyone
who is in a dark or distressful path.
Discussing the possibility of archangels with relatives or loved ones
can be difficult, especially if they have never encountered an
archangel before. These people tend to rely on what their eyes see
and not what their soul feels. Some look at them as “shallow”
people but they are not. A few of them will eventually become
spiritual and this is why an archangel gives everyone a chance.

If you really want a loved one to know about archangels, why not
give them a book to read? Most people enjoy reading and by giving
them a book, you won’t have to go through with explaining
everything. A written document is available to educate them on the
power of archangels and how they are everywhere around us.
Some people may become interested after reading, while others
may not. Most of the time they will, considering some of the books
give examples that had really happened in life. By giving them
evidence of archangels, you will give them a chance to open their
eyes to this possibility. They too may want to begin meditating,
relaxing, and coaxing themselves to believe in archangels. This is a
strong start and it could lead them to another dimension.

Someone who is able to communicate with archangels may go
through a series of mediums and even travel to another dimension
or time. When this happens, it is apparent that an archangel has
reached out to you to show you new places and events that will
take place. They know you have reached your highest level of
spirituality and because of this; you will be ready to go through this
People who are not ready could easily be scared of the “unknown”
and even smaller signs may frighten them. It is better to start out
slow when you begin to test your spiritual awareness. You’ll
become more focused on your physical side, body, and mind. Once
you begin doing this, there will be times you will receive a visit
from an archangel. It may become more frequent as you practice
tuning into your spiritual levels. Not to worry though – everything
you experience is normal and it’s not just a figment of your
imagination. The archangels really do have the power to conjure
images, events, or past timelines in your mind. Visions can occur
and also you will experience more signs than you did before.



Wrapping Up
Angelic Reiki And How It Helps


If you have never heard of “Angelic Reiki”, this is a technique of
giving healing energy from the giver to the receiver. This is what we
would call “self-healing”. In able to be a healer, you must get in touch
with your higher powers. Attunement is the key and once you create
that key, it will present a clear channel for energy to ride through.
This energy is passed wherever it is needed. You will be receiving
healing power through your mentality or emotional needs. Also, this
energy can be transferred through spiritual or physical binding.
Angelic Reiki is wonderful and can transform your life if you study it
Theta healing goes in hand with Angelic Reiki. It concentrates on
each level like physical, mental, spiritual and mental being. This type
of healing is known to sweep away any situations that may block you
from reaching your highest potential. Remember that each day is a
new opportunity for you. For example, you can choose to pick up
signs from archangels that day or ignore them all together. Becoming
closer to the spirit world will allow you to heal yourself completely. If
you are at a place in life you do not want to be, then concentrate on
your well being. Your subconscious mind is very powerful and by
tuning into it, you can create a better environment for you.


If you are someone who is constantly doubting yourself and limiting
any believes, you may have come to a so called “fork in the road”. This
is where you have no clue what path to take in life and there is no
guidance for you. This is because you chose not to pick up the signs or
request help from the archangels. Your career and finances could be
in jeopardy because of this. If you aren’t having career trouble, you
might have been experiencing relationship issues between you and a
loved one. You are stuck in the middle with no way out.
Theta Healing is helpful because it utilizes your brainwaves in order
to build a connection with your subconscious mind. This mind holds
many memories of the past and even beliefs for the future. With a
strong subconscious mind, you are able to achieve anything in life if
you put your heart into it. Remember that everything on Earth can
affect you – no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Earth’s
vibration has a strong pull to it and if you become attuned to the
matter around you, then you will become a stronger person.
Archangels are considered divine spirits and the only way to connect
with them is through your conscious or subconscious mind. However,
you must set up the proper building blocks before doing this. Take
thirty minutes each day to clear your thoughts and fall into a deep
meditation phase. Go outside and feel the Earth around you, sitting
with your legs crossed. The birds chirping will sound cheerful, even
on one of your most stressful days. The rays of the sun will fall over
you to create a warm environment. Have you ever gone out hiking
and seen how happy people are around you? This is because many of
them are in tune with the environment and even the spirits around

With archangels guiding us each day, we can easily reach our goals. A
small hint of advice or a nudge in the right direction is all we need.
They are our protectors and the ones who can save lives. On the worst
day of your life, an archangel is right there sitting next to you.
Remember that it is your choice to pay mind to the messages they
send you, so open your eyes. Become one with the universe, testing
your empathy, spirituality, and clarity. By doing this, you will open a
channel that allows you to better yourself and even help others in
situations where desperate help is needed. An archangel helps
someone first and once they do; they know that person will give back
to someone else. This is what makes an archangel so powerful and
unlike any other angel in the heavens.


Disclaimer: this article is not meant to be medical advice or a replacement for medical treatment.








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